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“Code-Breaker “by Jim Holt, he describes a 28 years old scientist Alsn Tiring, his achievements during his life, and being a homosexual during the early 1900s. Holt’s essay effectively engages readers in a deeper understanding of the effect for gay at that time.

Jim Holt uses very specific and extremely vivid details during the essay. For example, Turing was rather sloppy, and he was known to eat an apple every night before going to bed. On the other hand, he once wrote a letter to a friend men-toning a method of suicide.”(P346) Also, in the last paragraph, it says “its (apple) puts her to sleep until the Prince wakes her up with a kiss”. Jim Holt uses enough details in his essay to create a mental image for the reader.

The “apple” is a great example and symbol in the essay. For example, “he had taken a few bites out of an apple that was, apparently, laced with cyanide”. Jim Holt use vivid description to grab reader’ attention, and from this sentence, we can know the apple is not as simple as food, it is a scheme. He makes this essay become more attractive and interesting.

Jim Holt uses lots of paths in this essay. Turning is a homosexual. “It is natural to view Turing as a gay martyr, hounded to death for his sexuality despite his great service to humanity. But it is also tempting to speculate about whether he really was a suicide.”(P337). Then, the female hormones that were given to him made his chest grow and caused weight gain. After his hormonal treatment was over, he "traveled to Europe for romantic liaisons." (345) Holt shows us the humiliating events Turing had to go through to try to get freedom. Also, Jim Holt creates a meaningful ending at end of the essay. “Was Turing’s death a kind of martyrdom? Was it the perfect suicide- one that deceived the person whose feelings he cared most about, his mother-or, more improbably, the perfect murder?”(P346) Holt uses lot of questions to get reader’s attention and leaves a deep impression on the reader

In summary, Jim Holt gives the reader the chance to enter into the world he was created through vivid description and colorful imagery. He shows us a brave man who stands up by himself and exposes how homosexuality is bullied at that time. Holt’s essay effectively engages readers in a deeper understanding of the effect for gay at that time.


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The story “Borders” by Thomas King, he talks about a native woman from Canada who wants to visit her daughter. The little boy and his mother are neither American nor Canadian but native, so that causes a border guard in which she is not allowed to move from the border crossing.

In this article, the title “Borders” has two meanings. The US and Canadian border is used as the physical representation of the short story. In addition, the second is the border that society has imposed for the aborigines like the Blackfoot citizens. For example: “I can understand how you how you feel about having to tell us your citizenship, and here’s what I’ll do. You tell me, and I won’t put it down on the form. No one will know but you and me.”(P136) Because at that time, Blackfoot didn’t have democracy, freedom, human rights, equality, equity, justice in society.

A successful strategy used by Thomas King is the use of irony during the story. Irony is shown as the mother is neither Canadian nor American; she belongs to a group called the Blackfoot groups. The mother is right in her request and justifiably so. It is the guards at each boarder that need to do some research into the history of Canada, the United States and the Blackfoot; the "guards" represents the governments of each of between two countries.

“Borders” is has a meaningful theme. When the little boys’ mother is asked her nationality , she is not willing to label herself as either “Canadian” or “American” as she says” I am Blackfoot”(136). With this story, the author is trying to shows us the equality of human rights and democratic freedom. The main theme is the use of determination and cultural pride which is continually being showed by the mother during the story. Thomas King shows us the political problem of how the minority groups of North America are being treated in today’s society.

These three points improve the attractiveness of the story and leave a deep impression on the reader. “Borders” is not also a narrative story, but also remind us cultural pride is so important in nowadays.
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“Women confronting war” Jennifer Turpin talks about the how the women use in the war and how they lose their life, and sexual violence on them during the war. I agree Turpin's essay effectively engages readers in a deeper understanding of the effect of war on women.

Turpin uses lots of loges in her article.In the artice, she was talking about the women who become refugees during the war time. She shows that what kind of life for women during the war and become refugees. For example, “In 1971 Pakistani soldiers raped more than 200,000 Bengali women in the Bangladesh war of independence (Hauchler and Kennedy 1994)” Pathos is also used in her article. She talks about the key point about Prostitution, such as “Two of the young and pretty girl were taken to the front of the boat and raped. Everyone heard everything, all of the screams. That is what I remember, the screams. After a while the screams stopped, the crying stopped and there was silence.”(P326) Women lose their family and children during the war, and they don’t have any income for survive, so they have to prostitution to get survived.

Turpin makes the first introduction to the argument in the first paragraph, “Rather than being separate from women’s lives, war making relies on women’s participation. However, conventional views of the relationship between gender and war suggest that men make war, women make peace.”(P324)The first introduction will allow readers to grasp her idea quickly.

Turpin always put her main argument up-front, such as “war’s impact on women has changed with the development of increasingly efficient war-making technologies that make war and militarism more and more deadly.”(P325)Turpin uses specific words to shows her points and doesn’t waste words giving too much background information.

Tone is also important in “Women confronting war”. For example, “ Because militaries many provide huge infusions of capital into the societies where they establish bases, the local government has an incentive to cooperate with demands for women to have sex with the soldiers, and poor women may have little other choice in order to support themselves and their families.”(P328). This statement can grab reader’s attention and give them a shake. We can firsthand understanding what kind of life for women during the war and satirize the political and social climate of the time.

In summary, Turpin’s article improves the attractiveness of the story and leaves a deep impression on the reader. I agree Turpin's essay effectively engages readers in a deeper understanding of the effect of war on women.
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In “To This Day” Shane Koyczan states that he speaks poem to talk about own experience and helping people to get stand up in an anti-bullying movement. In the poem, he talks about the story of three youngsters, the one of Koyczan himself. He has bad recollections by being bullied in the childhood, so he strongly reminds us of the dangerous actuality. According to he says: “I’m not the only kid who grew up this way – surrounded by people who used to say that rhyme about sticks and stones as if broken bones hurt more than the names we got called and we got called them all.” Also, a mother who has two kids, but she still feels sad woman because her face is not good for looking, and she has bad remember from her school. In the school, she always was bullied of her face by her classmate who was bullied of her face by her classmates in the school. Even though she has two kids, she still doesn’t like her face because she has bad remember in the childhood. In addition, a young guy was suicide by his classmates bulling because he always ate medicine, so people were made fun of him, otherwise Koyzan is speaking of the cruel reality. However, he wants people to know life is not very terrible, he wants people can stand up, so he suggests people to getting mirror to see anything beautiful about themselves in their life.

Persone Resopone :I think the topic of bullied is not only a small thing for students life. It is become to a big problem into student’s life, so I strongly suggest the government have to do some things for the society. To create a safe, calm environment in school is a more than important things to do. Although the changes may take time, it is working step by step. Therefore, bullying will not be longer personal problem.
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Letter to America”is written by Margaret Atwood ,talks about the conflict between 1940’s unites states and 1950’s Unites states. In this article, there are three important changes in Unites States :lifestyle , culture and religion.
Firstly, Margaret Atwood thinks the lifestyle has been changed. For example . “ They’ll be even crosser when they can’t take a shower because your shortsighted bulldozing of environment protections had dirtied most of the water and dried up the rest .”she wants to show the government what level of living standard are people have . Secondly, she thinks the cultural has been changed. She said United States was a funny place when she was a young girl “she sang and dance to the Andrew sisters. You were a tone of fun”. But now, the Iraq war makes people become nervous , such as “Anyway, when did you get so scared? You didn’t used to be easily frightened.” The culture has been changed and it become more and more dangerous and sanguinary. Thirdly ,she thinks the religion has been changed. For example: “You had a way of thinking that the things of Caesar were the same as the thing of God:that gave you self-confidence.”Money and right become more and more important. It is not the same for “You stood up for freedom , honesty, and justice;you protected the innocent.” Clearly , i think Margaret Atwood’s “ Letter to American”wants United States can know right and money are not most important for the people, the most mportant thing is the good state of mind !


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